Monday, 23 September 2013

Learning Mathematics is an essential life skill

Dear Parents,

Do you know...
your interest in math will influence your child's passion in it too?;
our future generation needs to be equipped with mathematical knowledge and skills in order to be competent and successful professionals?

In our curriculum, we believe in
- Ecological System Theory by Uri Bronfenbrenner
- Constructivist Theory by Jean Piaget
- Social cultural theory by Lev Vygotsky
Ecological system theory highlights that a human development is influenced by various environmental system. The classroom environment is one that can provide opportunities for young children to explore, make connections, and problem-solve.

Constructivist theory highlights that young children make sense of the world by using their prior knowledge to construct new knowledge. Educator can use what the child have known about a certain mathematical concept and use that to help the child know that there is more than one way to problem solve.

Social cultural theory talks about zone of proximal development. It is about children learn mathematical concepts or skills from the support of peers or adults.

In conclusion, "Mathematics requires effort, and it is important that students, families and the community acknowledge and honor the fact that effort is what leads to learning mathematics" (National Mathematics Advisory Pane, 2008).